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Lexus ES: Interior features

Lexus ES (XZ10) Owner's Manual / Interior features


 Remote Touch

Remote Touch The Remote Touch can be used to operate the Center Display. For details on the Remote touch, refer to the "NAVIGATION AND MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM OWNER'S MANUAL". Remote Touch operatio

 Lexus Climate Concierge

Lexus Climate Concierge The seat heaters (if equipped), seat ventilators (if equipped) and heated steering wheel (if equipped) are each automatically controlled according to the set temperature o

 Using the air conditioning system


 Vehicle Speed Sensor "A" No Signal (P050031)

DESCRIPTION The speed sensor detects the wheel speed and sends the appropriate signals to the skid control ECU. The skid control ECU converts these wheel speed signals into a pulse signal and outputs it to the ECM via the combination meter. The ECM determines the vehicle speed based on the frequency

 Open in One Side of Bus 1 Branch Line

DESCRIPTION When the CAN bus main lines are normal (no open, short to ground, short to +B or short between lines) and there is an ECU or sensor on the "Communication Bus Check" screen that is indicated as not communicating or whose connection status on the "Communication Bus Check" screen changes in

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