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Lexus ES: Compass

The compass on the inside rear view mirror indicates the direction in which the vehicle is heading.

Operation and displays

To turn the compass on or off, press and hold the button for more than 3 seconds.

Lexus ES. Using the other interior features

Directions are displayed as follows:

Lexus ES. Using the other interior features

■Conditions unfavorable to correct operation

The compass may not show the correct direction in the following conditions:


■While driving the vehicle Do not adjust the display. Adjust the display only when the vehicle is stopped.


■To avoid the compass malfunctions Do not place magnets or any metal objects near the inside rear view mirror.

Doing this may cause the compass sensor to malfunction.

■To ensure normal operation of the compass

Calibrating the compass

■ Deviation

Lexus ES. Using the other interior features

The direction display deviates from the true direction determined by the earth's magnetic field. The amount of deviation varies depending on the geographic position of the vehicle.

If you cross over one of the map boundaries shown in illustration, the compass will deviate.

To obtain higher precision or perfect calibration, refer to "Deviation calibration".

■ Deviation calibration

1. Stop the vehicle.

2. Press and hold the button for 6 seconds.

A number (1 to 15) appears on the compass display.

Lexus ES. Using the other interior features

3. Referring to the map above, press the button to select the number of the zone you are in.

If the direction is displayed several seconds after adjustment, the calibration is complete.

■ Circling calibration

1. Stop the vehicle in a place where it is safe to drive in a circle.

2. Press and hold the button for 9 seconds.

"C" appears on the compass display.

Lexus ES. Using the other interior features

3. Drive the vehicle at 5 mph (8 km/ h) or less in a circle until a direction is displayed.

If there is not enough space to drive in a circle, drive around the block until a direction is displayed.

Lexus ES. Using the other interior features


■When doing the circling calibration Secure a wide space, and watch out for people and vehicles in the vicinity. Do not violate any local traffic rules while performing circling calibration.


 Maintenance and care

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 Maintenance requirements

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