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Lexus ES: Using the interior lights

Lexus ES (XZ10) Owner's Manual / Interior features / Using the interior lights

Interior lights list

Location of the interior lights

Lexus ES. Using the interior lights

  1. Rear personal lights
  2. Inside door handle lights (if equipped)
  3. Instrument panel ornament lights (if equipped)
  4. Shift lever light
  5. Front personal lights
  6. Interior lights
  7. Clock light
  8. Footwell lights
  9. Power switch light
  10. Door trim ornament lights (if equipped)
  11. Door courtesy lights
  12. Outer foot lights (front/front and rear)

Operating the interior lights

■ Turning the door position on

Press the door-linked interior light switch

The lights are turned on and off according to whether the doors are opened/closed.

Lexus ES. Using the interior lights

■ Turning the lights on/off

Turns the lights on/off (touch the light)

The rear interior light turns on/off together with the front interior light.

When a door is opened while the door position is on, the lights turn on.

Lexus ES. Using the interior lights

Operating the personal lights

■ Turning the lights on/off


Turns the lights on/off (touch the light)

Lexus ES. Using the interior lights


Turns the lights on/off

Lexus ES. Using the interior lights

■Illuminated entry system The lights automatically turn on/off according to the power switch mode, the presence of the electronic key, whether the doors are locked/unlocked, and whether the doors are open/closed.

■To prevent the 12-volt battery from being discharged If the interior lights remain on when the power switch is turned off, the lights will go off automatically after 20 minutes.

■When front interior light or front personal lights do not respond as normal

■Automatic turning on of the interior lights If any of the SRS airbags deploy (inflate) or in the event of a strong rear impact, the interior lights will turn on automatically.

The interior lights will turn off automatically after approximately 20 minutes. The interior lights can be turned off manually. However, in order to help prevent further collisions, it is recommended that they be left on until safety can be ensured. (The interior lights may not turn on automatically depending on the force of the impact and conditions of the collision.)

■Customization Some functions can be customized.


■To prevent 12-volt battery discharge Do not leave the lights on longer than necessary when the hybrid system is off.

■Removing light lenses Never remove the lens for the front interior light and front personal lights. Otherwise, the lights will be damaged. If a lens needs to be removed, contact your Lexus dealer.


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