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Lexus ES: Maintenance and care

Lexus ES (XZ10) Owner's Manual / Maintenance and care

Maintenance and care

Cleaning and protecting the vehicle exterior

Perform cleaning in a manner appropriate to each component and its material.

Cleaning instructions

If water does not bead on a clean surface, apply wax when the vehicle body is cool.

■Self-restoring coat The vehicle body has a self-restoring coating that is resistant to small surface scratches caused in a car wash etc.

■Automatic car washes

■High pressure car washes As water may enter the cabin, do not bring the nozzle tip near the gaps around the doors or perimeter of windows, or spray these areas continuously.

■Notes for the smart access system with push-button start If the door handle becomes wet while the electronic key is within the effective range, the door may lock and unlock repeatedly. In that case, follow the following correction procedures to wash the vehicle:

■Aluminum wheels

■Bumpers Do not scrub with abrasive cleaners.

■Front side windows water-repellent coating

■Plated portions If dirt cannot be removed, clean the parts as follows:


■When washing the vehicle Do not apply water to the inside of the engine compartment. Doing so may cause the electrical components etc. to catch fire.

■When cleaning the windshield (vehicles with rain-sensing windshield wipers) Set the wiper switch to off.

If the wiper switch is in "AUTO", the wipers may operate unexpectedly in the following situations, and may result in hands being caught or other serious injuries and cause damage to the wiper blades.

Lexus ES. Maintenance and care

  1. Off
  2. AUTO

■Precautions regarding the exhaust pipes As exhaust gases cause the exhaust pipes to become quite hot, do not touch the exhaust pipes while the hybrid system is operating or immediately after the hybrid system is turned off.

When washing the vehicle, be careful not to touch the exhaust pipes until they have cooled sufficiently, as touching hot exhaust pipes can cause burns.


■Precaution regarding the rear bumper with Blind Spot Monitor (if equipped) If the paint of the rear bumper is chipped or scratched, the system may malfunction.

If this occurs, consult your Lexus dealer.


■To prevent paint deterioration and corrosion on the body and components (aluminum wheels etc.)

■Cleaning the exterior lights

■When using an automatic car wash (vehicles with rain-sensing windshield wipers) Set the wiper switch to the off position.

If the wiper switch is in "AUTO", the wipers may operate and the wiper blades may be damaged.

■When using a high-pressure car wash

Cleaning and protecting the vehicle interior

Perform cleaning in a manner appropriate to each component and its material.

Protecting the vehicle interior

■Shampooing the carpets There are several commercial foaming-type cleaners available. Use a sponge or brush to apply the foam. Rub in overlapping circles.

Do not use water. Wipe dirty surfaces and let them dry. Excellent results are obtained by keeping the carpet as dry as possible.

■Handling the seat belts Clean with mild soap and lukewarm water using a cloth or sponge. Also check the belts periodically for excessive wear, fraying or cuts.

■When cleaning the carpeted portions of the glove box, console box, etc.

If a strong adhesive tape is used, there is a possibility that the surface of the carpet could be damaged.


■Water in the vehicle

■Cleaning the interior (especially instrument panel) Do not use polish wax or polish cleaner.

The instrument panel may reflect off the windshield, obstructing the driver's view and leading to an accident, resulting in death or serious injury.


■Cleaning detergents


■Preventing damage to leather surfaces Observe the following precautions to avoid damage to and deterioration of leather surfaces:

■Water on the floor Do not wash the vehicle floor with water.

Vehicle systems such as the audio system may be damaged if water comes into contact with electrical components such as the audio system above or under the floor of the vehicle. Water may also cause the body to rust.

■When cleaning the inside of the windshield Do not allow glass cleaner to contact the lens. Also, do not touch the lens.

■Cleaning the inside of the rear window

Cleaning the areas with satin-finish metal accents

■Cleaning the areas with satin-finish metal accents The metal areas use a layer of real metal for the surface. It is necessary to clean them regularly. If dirty areas are left uncleaned for long periods of time, they may be difficult to clean.

Cleaning the leather areas

Use a diluted water solution of approximately 5% neutral wool detergent.

■Caring for leather areas Lexus recommends cleaning the interior of the vehicle at least twice a year to maintain the quality of the vehicle's interior.

Cleaning the synthetic leather areas



 Maintenance requirements

To ensure safe and economical driving, day-to-day care and regular maintenance are essential. It is the owner's responsibility to perform regular checks. Lexus recommends the following maintenanc

 General maintenance

Listed below are the general maintenance items that should be performed at the intervals specified in the "Warranty and Service Guide" or "Owner's Manual Supplement". It is recommended that any



DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE GENERATOR PULLEY CAP (a) Remove the generator pulley cap from the generator pulley with clutch. NOTICE: Do not reuse the generator pulley cap. If the generator pulley cap is removed, replace the generator pulley cap and generator pulley with clutch with new

 Freeze Frame Data

FREEZE FRAME DATA FREEZE FRAME DATA (a) Whenever a lighting system DTC is stored, the headlight ECU sub-assembly and forward recognition camera stores the current vehicle state as freeze frame data. CHECK FREEZE FRAME DATA (a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3. (b) Turn the engine switch on (IG). (

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