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Lexus ES: 12-volt battery


The 12-volt battery is located on the right-hand side of the trunk.

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance

■Before recharging When recharging, the 12-volt battery produces hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Therefore, observe the following precautions before recharging:

■After recharging/reconnecting the 12- volt battery

If the hybrid system will not start even after multiple attempts at all methods above, contact your Lexus dealer.


■Chemicals in the 12-volt battery The 12-volt battery contains poisonous and corrosive sulfuric acid and may produce hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. To reduce the risk of death or serious injury, take the following precautions while working on or near the 12- volt battery:

■Where to safely charge the 12-volt battery Always charge the 12-volt battery in an open area. Do not charge the 12-volt battery in a garage or closed room where there is insufficient ventilation.

■How to recharge the 12-volt battery Recharge at a current of 5 A or less and make sure that the recharging period does not exceed a total of 12 hours.

■Emergency measures regarding electrolyte

■When replacing the 12-volt battery Use a 12-volt battery designed for this vehicle. Failure to do so may cause gas (hydrogen) to enter the passenger compartment, causing a fire or explosion.

For replacement of the 12-volt battery, contact your Lexus dealer.


■When recharging the 12-volt battery Never recharge the 12-volt battery while the hybrid system is operating. Also, be sure all accessories are turned off.

Removing the 12-volt battery cover

Lift the luggage mat up.

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance


Make sure that the 12-volt battery terminals are not corroded and that there are no loose connections, cracks, or loose clamps.

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance

  1. Terminals
  2. Hold-down clamp

Checking 12-volt battery condition

Check the 12-volt battery condition by indicator color.

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance

  1. Blue: Good condition
  2. Red: Charging is necessary.
    Have the vehicle inspected by your Lexus dealer.
  3. Clear: Replacement is necessary.
    Have the 12-volt battery checked by your Lexus dealer.



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