Lexus ES manuals

Lexus ES: Hood

Opening the hood

1. Pull the hood lock release lever.

The hood will pop up slightly.

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance

2. Pull up the auxiliary catch lever and lift the hood.

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance


■Pre-driving check Check that the hood is fully closed and locked.

If the hood is not locked properly, it may open while the vehicle is in motion and cause an accident, which may result in death or serious injury.

Positioning a floor jack

When using a floor jack, follow the instructions in the manual provided with the jack and perform the operation safely.

When raising your vehicle with a floor jack, position the jack correctly.

Improper placement may damage your vehicle or cause injury.

Location of the jack point

■ Front

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance

■ Rear

Lexus ES. Do-it-yourself maintenance


 Engine compartment

Components Fuse boxes Engine oil filler cap Engine oil level dipstick Brake fluid reservoir Radiator Electric cooling fan Condenser Power control unit coolant reservoir Engine

 12-volt battery

Location The 12-volt battery is located on the right-hand side of the trunk. ■Before recharging When recharging, the 12-volt battery produces hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. T


Replace or rotate tires in accordance with maintenance schedules and treadwear. Checking tires Check if the treadwear indicators are showing on the tires. Also check the tires for uneven wear, s


 Customize Parameters

CUSTOMIZE PARAMETERS NOTICE: When the customer requests a change in a function, first make sure that the function can be customized. Be sure to make a note of the current settings before customizing. When troubleshooting a function, first make sure that the function is set to the default sett

 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "B" Circuit Short to Battery or Open (P022015)

DESCRIPTION Refer to DTC P012011. Click here DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area MIL Memory Note P022015 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "B" Circuit Short to Battery or Open The output voltage of VTA2 is higher than 4.75 V, and VTA1 is less than

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