Lexus ES manuals

Lexus ES: Driving tips


 Hybrid vehicle driving tips

For economical and ecological driving, pay attention to the following points: Using Eco drive mode When using Eco drive mode, the torque corresponding to the accelerator pedal depression amount

 Winter driving tips

Carry out the necessary preparations and inspections before driving the vehicle in winter. Always drive the vehicle in a manner appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions. Preparation for w

 Interior features


 Drive Motor Inverter Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit Voltage Out of Range (P0AED1C)

DTC SUMMARY MALFUNCTION DESCRIPTION These DTCs indicate that the motor inverter temperature sensor value is abnormal. The cause of this malfunction may be one of the following: Internal inverter malfunction Inverter with converter assembly internal circuit malfunction Hybrid cooling system ma

 Internal Control Module Throttle Position Performance Internal Electronic Failure (P060E49,P061E49)

MONITOR DESCRIPTION The ECM monitors the signals received from the No. 1 throttle position sensor and stop light switch assembly. As the ECM monitors the STP signal of the stop light switch assembly and the VTA1 signal of the No. 1 throttle position sensor, if these signals do not correlate, a DTC w

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