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Lexus ES: System Diagram



 Terminals Of Ecu

TERMINALS OF ECU Terminal No. (Symbol) Wiring Color Terminal Description Condition Specified Condition G128-1 (+B) - G128-20 (E) BR - W-B Power source (+B) Always 11 to 14 V

 Unable To Connect To Call Center

DESCRIPTION This may occur when the intensity of telephone radio frequency was very weak, or the safety connect system has a malfunction and a DTC is set. PROCEDURE 1. CHECK COMMUNICATION SERVIC

 Vehicle Control History

VEHICLE CONTROL HISTORY NOTICE: Make sure to record any output Vehicle Control History codes before clearing them and checking the Vehicle Control History again. CHECK VEHICLE CONTROL HISTORY NOTICE:



INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT AND ADJUST BRAKE BOOSTER PUSH ROD Click here 2. INSTALL BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER O-RING (a) Install a new brake master cylinder O-ring to the brake master cylinder sub-assembly. 3. INSTALL BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER SUB-ASSEMBLY NOTICE: When installing a new brake master


INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL DRIVE MODE SELECT SWITCH (COMBINATION SWITCH ASSEMBLY) (a) Install the drive mode select switch (combination switch assembly) to the instrument cluster finish panel assembly with the 3 screws. (b) Engage the clamp to connect the wire harness to the instrument cluste

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