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Lexus ES: System Description



(a) Safety Connect performs ACN (Automatic Collision Notification), manual emergency calling, stolen vehicle tracking and roadside assistance service by, audio and data communications between the vehicle and call center through a cellular phone network. As shown in the illustration, when a collision is detected, the vehicle sends its location calculated based on GPS signals and the identification code of the DCM (telematics transceiver) to a call center. After the necessary information has been gathered, the call center will relay this information to emergency services.

*: Public Safety Answering Point


(a) ACN (Automatic Collision Notification)

(1) When a collision is detected, the vehicle connects to the call center automatically and reports the vehicle location and vehicle information by data communication. The operator will connect to the vehicle and communicate with the occupant. Even if the occupant does not answer, the operator can notify emergency services.

(b) Manual Emergency Call

(1) After pressing the manual (SOS) switch, the occupant can talk to an operator from the call center to seek assistance.

(c) Stolen Vehicle Locator

(1) After the vehicle has been reported stolen to the police, the customer can contact the call center to begin the stolen vehicle locator process. The operator locates this vehicle by GPS and provides information to the police.

(d) Roadside Assistance Service

(1) Pressing the manual (SOS) switch will contract the call center, and a wide range of help, such as towing, flat tire, fuel delivery, etc., can be provided.

*: Public Safety Answering Point


The shape of the manual (SOS) switch shown in the illustration is an example, and may differ from that of an actual vehicle.



The system plays back the following voice prompts in the situations shown.

Voice Prompt

Usage Condition

Communication Module failure detected, please contact your dealer.

When system detects LED failure (Red only), and another DTC is set.

Message is played once at each engine switch on (IG) until the problem is fixed.

Connecting to the Call Center.

DCM Activation start.

Communication Module Activation failed.

DCM Activation fails for some reason.

Communication Module Activation complete.

DCM Activation completed successfully.

If you continue to receive this message, contact your dealer.

Follows Activation Sequence.

Unable to Connect to the Call Center.


Impact detected.

When DCM (telematics transceiver) receives collision detection signal.

Connecting to the Emergency Call Center.

Call initiated to call center.

Unable to Connect to the Emergency Call Center.

DCM (telematics transceiver) cannot connect to Emergency Call Center for some reason.

To cancel, please press the button again.

To end the call manually.

Emergency call canceled.

Confirmation that the call has been canceled.

The system will try again.

Could not connect to call center.

To activate, please press the button again within 5 seconds.

This voice prompt is instruction for activation.

Safety Connect is not active.

Safety Connect is not active for some reason.



Every time after the engine switch is turned on (IG), the DCM (telematics transceiver) will enter into a self check mode. The manual (SOS) switch red indicator will illuminate for 2 seconds and then turn off and then the manual (SOS) switch green indicator will illuminate and will stay on throughout normal operation. The following chart indicates the possible scenarios.

  • *1: The red and green indicators alternate turning on and off at 2-second intervals until the DCM (telematics transceiver) completes auto activation. System will automatically switch to shipping mode or active mode if auto activation is successful.
  • *2: If a call is in progress while the engine switch is off, the call will continue and the LED function will not change.


Contract Mode


Shipping Mode

The vehicle is being transported or service is canceled.

Services do not operate (excluding some services).

Active Mode

Services can operate.

However, the only services that operate are ones the customer are subscribed to.


 System Diagram


 Terminals Of Ecu

TERMINALS OF ECU Terminal No. (Symbol) Wiring Color Terminal Description Condition Specified Condition G128-1 (+B) - G128-20 (E) BR - W-B Power source (+B) Always 11 to 14 V

 Unable To Connect To Call Center

DESCRIPTION This may occur when the intensity of telephone radio frequency was very weak, or the safety connect system has a malfunction and a DTC is set. PROCEDURE 1. CHECK COMMUNICATION SERVIC


 Data List / Active Test

DATA LIST / ACTIVE TEST READ DATA LIST NOTICE: In the table below, the values listed under "Normal Condition" are reference values. Do not depend solely on these reference values when deciding whether a part is faulty or not. HINT: Using the Techstream to read the Data List allows the values or stat


REMOVAL CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT The necessary procedures (adjustment, calibration, initialization, or registration) that must be performed after parts are removed and installed, or replaced during front drive shaft assembly removal/installation are shown below. Necessary Procedures After Parts Remov

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