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 Power (ignition) switch

Performing the following operations when carrying the electronic key on your person starts the hybrid system or changes power switch modes. Starting the hybrid system 1. Press the parking brake

 EV drive mode

In EV drive mode, electric power is supplied by the hybrid battery (traction battery), and only the electric motor (traction motor) is used to drive the vehicle. This mode allows you to drive i

 Hybrid transmission

Select the shift position depending on your purpose and situation. Shift position purpose and functions *1: To improve fuel efficiency and reduce noise, set the shift lever in D for normal driv


 Hybrid/EV Battery Stack 1 Delta SOC High (P1A8000,P1AD01B)

DESCRIPTION The battery voltage sensor and the hybrid vehicle control ECU calculate the SOC (state of charge) of the HV battery through the accumulated amperage in the HV battery. The battery voltage sensor sends the condition of the HV battery to the hybrid vehicle control ECU. Then the hybrid vehi

 Back Camera Power Supply Failure (C1621)

DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored if the rear television camera assembly judges as a result of its self check that the signals or signal lines between the rear television camera assembly and multi-display assembly are not normal. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area

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