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Lexus ES: Brake Hold

The brake hold system keeps the brake applied when the shift lever is in D, S or N with the system on and the brake pedal has been depressed to stop the vehicle. The system releases the brake when the accelerator pedal is depressed with the shift lever in D or S to allow smooth start off.

Enabling the system

Turns the brake hold system on The brake hold standby indicator (green)  A comes on. While the system is holding the brake, the brake hold operated indicator (yellow) B comes on.

Lexus ES. Driving procedures

■Brake hold system operating conditions The brake hold system cannot be turned on in the following conditions:

Malfunction Visit Your Dealer" is displayed on the multi-information display.

If any of the conditions above are detected when the brake hold system is enabled, the system will turn off and the brake hold standby indicator light will go off. In addition, if any of the conditions are detected while the system is holding the brake, a warning buzzer will sound and a message will be shown on the multi-information display.

The parking brake will then be set automatically.

■Brake hold function

■When the parking brake is set automatically while the system is holding the brakes Perform any of the following operations to release the parking brake.

Make sure that the parking brake indicator light goes off.

■When an inspection at your Lexus dealer is necessary When the brake hold standby indicator (green) does not illuminate even when the brake hold switch is pressed with the brake hold system operating conditions met, the system may be malfunctioning. Have the vehicle inspected at your Lexus dealer.

■If "Brake Hold Fault Depress Brake to Deactivate Visit Your Dealer" or "Brake Hold Malfunction Visit Your Dealer" is displayed on the multi-information display The system may be malfunctioning. Have the vehicle inspected by your Lexus dealer.

■Warning message and buzzers Warning messages and buzzers are used to indicate a system malfunction or to inform the driver of the need for caution. If a warning message is shown on the multi-information display, read the message and follow the instructions.


■When the vehicle is on a steep incline When using the brake hold system on a steep incline exercise caution. The brake hold function may not hold the vehicle in such a situation.

■When stopped on a slippery road The system cannot stop the vehicle when the gripping ability of the tires has been exceeded. Do not use the system when stopped on a slippery road.


■When parking the vehicle The brake hold system is not designed for use when parking the vehicle for a long period of time. Turning the power switch off while the system is holding the brake may release the brake, which would cause the vehicle to move. When operating the power switch, depress the brake pedal, shift the shift lever to P and set the parking brake.


 Operating the lights and wipers

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