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Lexus ES: Diagnosis System



(a) When troubleshooting a vehicle with a diagnosis system, the only difference from the usual troubleshooting procedure is connecting the Techstream to the vehicle and reading various data output from the clearance warning ECU assembly.

The clearance warning ECU assembly stores DTCs when the ECU detects a malfunction in the ECU itself or in its circuits.

To check the DTCs, connect the Techstream to the DLC3 on the vehicle. The Techstream makes it possible to clear the DTCs, activate the various actuators, and check the freeze frame data and Data List.


(a) Check the DLC3.

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 Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART Parking Support Alert System DTC No. Detection Item Link C1611 ECU Malfunction C168D Vehicle Information Unmatched C1AE1 Front Left Sen

 Dtc Check / Clear

DTC CHECK / CLEAR CHECK DTC (a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3. (b) Turn the engine switch on (IG). (c) Turn the parking support alert system on. (d) Turn the Techstream on. (e) Enter the followin

 How To Proceed With Troubleshooting

CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the following procedure to troubleshoot the parking support alert system. *: Use the Techstream. PROCEDURE 1. VEHICLE BROUGHT TO WORKSHOP NEXT


 Flying Capacitor Circuit Voltage Out of Range (P1AFD00)

DESCRIPTION The battery ECU assembly monitors its internal operation and will store these DTCs when it detects an internal malfunction. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area MIL Warning Indicate P1AFD00 Flying Capacitor Circuit Voltage Out of Range ECU inte

 On-vehicle Inspection

ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT RAIN SENSOR (a) Disconnect the rain sensor connector. *a Front view of wire harness connector (to Rain Sensor) (b) Measure the voltage according to the value(s) in the table below. Standard Voltage: Tester Connection Conditi

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