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Lexus ES: Dcm Activation



If the DCM (telematics transceiver) has been replaced, it is necessary to perform the Register Vehicle Information procedure.


(a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3.

(b) Turn the engine switch on (IG).

(c) Turn the Techstream on.

(d) Choose "Telematics" from the System Selection Menu, and then click "Utility".

(e) Click "VIN Synchronization" on the Utility Selection Menu.

Body Electrical > Telematics > Utility

Tester Display

VIN Synchronization

(f) According to the display on the Techstream, read the IMEI, ICCID, software version and VIN.

(g) Turn the engine switch off.

(h) Turn the engine switch to on (IG) and wait until only the manual (SOS) switch green indicator turns on.


If only the manual (SOS) switch green indicator does not turn on even after 20 minutes elapse with the engine switch on (IG), refer to "GREEN INDICATOR REMAINS OFF".

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 Dcm Operation History

DCM OPERATION HISTORY DCM OPERATION HISTORY HINT: This function shows the telematics network status when the DCM (telematics transceiver) was operated. Use this when no DTC is present but this tele

 Diagnosis System

DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (a) The DCM (telematics transceiver) control the vehicle safety connect system functions. Safety connect system data and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) can be read throug

 Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART Safety Connect System DTC No. Detection Item Link B153711 Telephone Sub Antenna Circuit Short to Ground B153713 Telephone Sub Antenna Circuit Open


 Hybrid/EV Battery Precharge Contactor Actuator Stuck Closed (P0AE173)

DTC SUMMARY MALFUNCTION DESCRIPTION The hybrid vehicle control ECU detects a stuck closed malfunction of a precharge relay on the HV battery negative side. The cause of this malfunction may be one of the following: Inverter voltage sensor (VH) internal circuit malfunction Voltage sensor (VH) malf


REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL STARTER CENTER BEARING CLUTCH SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Apply high-temperature grease to the pinion drive lever. High-temperature Grease HINT: Apply approximately 0.1 g of high-temperature grease to each section. (b) Align the cutout of the starter drive housing a

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