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 Abbreviations Used In Manual

ABBREVIATIONS USED IN MANUAL Abbreviation Meaning ABS Anti-Lock Brake System A/C Air Conditioner AC

 Glossary Of Sae And Lexus Terms

GLOSSARY OF SAE AND LEXUS TERMS This glossary lists all SAE-J1930 terms and abbreviations used in this manual in compliance with SAE recommendations, as well as their TOYOTA equivalents.



 Washer Motor Circuit

DESCRIPTION When the windshield washer motor and pump assembly receives signals from the windshield wiper switch assembly it operates to spray washer fluid from the washer nozzle sub-assemblies. WIRING DIAGRAM CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: Inspect the fuses for circuits related to this system

 Freeze Frame Data

FREEZE FRAME DATA FREEZE FRAME DATA HINT: The hybrid vehicle control ECU records vehicle and driving condition information as freeze frame data the moment a DTC is stored. It can be used for estimating or duplicating the vehicle conditions that were present when the malfunction occurred. (a) Connect

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