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Lexus ES: Precaution




  • After the engine switch is turned off, the radio receiver assembly records various types of memory and settings. As a result, after turning the engine switch off, make sure to wait at least 60 seconds before disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal.
  • When disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal, initialize the following systems after the terminal is reconnected.

    System Name

    See Procedure

    Lane Control System

    Parking Support Brake System

    Parking Assist Monitor System

    Panoramic View Monitor System

    Pre-collision System

    Power Trunk Lid System

    Lighting System

(a) If the cable has been disconnected from the negative (-) battery terminal before 60 seconds has elapsed, it is necessary to initialize the system. To initialize the system, perform the following procedures:

  1. Move the vehicle to an open area with good GPS reception.


    The GPS icon is displayed on the map screen when the reception is good.

  2. Turn the engine switch on (IG), and then wait several minutes while the system acquires time and location data and activates Destination Assist and Destination.


(a) If replacing any of the following parts, refer to Registration.

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(1) DCM (telematics transceiver)


 Problem Symptoms Table

PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE NOTICE: After replacing the radio receiver assembly of vehicles subscribed to pay-type satellite radio broadcasts, registration of the XM radio ID is necessary (w/ SXM Functi

 System Description

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION LEXUS ENFORM allows the vehicle to receive information from the call center and links the information to the audio and visual system*1 or navigation system*2. LEXUS E

 System Diagram

SYSTEM DIAGRAM w/ Navigation System


 System Too Lean Bank 1 (P017100,P017200,P017400,P017500,P117000,P117B00)

DESCRIPTION The fuel trim is related to the feedback compensation value, not to the basic injection duration. The fuel trim consists of both the short-term and long-term fuel trims. The short-term fuel trim is fuel compensation that is used to constantly maintain the air fuel ratio at stoichiometric

 Registered Device cannot be Deleted

PROCEDURE 1. DELETE OPERATION (a) Check if a registered portable player can be deleted normally. OK: Registered portable player can be deleted normally. OK END NG PROCEED TO NEXT SUSPECTED AREA SHOWN IN PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE

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