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Lexus ES: Driving Mode Select switch

The driving modes can be selected to suit driving condition.

Selecting the driving mode

Lexus ES. Using the driving support systems

  1. Normal mode
    Provides an optimal balance of fuel economy, quietness, and dynamic performance.

    Suitable for city driving.

    Press the switch to change the normal mode when not in normal mode.

  2. Eco drive mode
    Helps the driver accelerate in an eco-friendly manner and improve fuel economy through moderate throttle characteristics and by controlling the operation of the air conditioning system (heating/cooling).

    When not in Eco drive mode, if the Driving Mode Select switch is turned toward you, the "Eco" indicator comes on.

  3. Sport mode
    Controls the hybrid system to provide quick, powerful acceleration. This mode is suitable for when agile driving response is desired, such as when driving on roads with many curves.

When not in SPORT mode, if the Driving Mode Select switch is turned away from you, the "Sport" indicator comes on.

■Operation of the air conditioning system in Eco drive mode Eco drive mode controls the heating/cooling operations and fan speed of the air conditioning system to enhance fuel efficiency.

To improve air conditioning performance, perform the following operations:

■Auto Glide Control

When Auto Glide Control operates, the AGC indicator light will illuminate.

Lexus ES. Using the driving support systems

■Automatic deactivation of sport mode If the power switch is turned off after driving in sport mode, the drive mode will be changed to normal mode.

■Driving mode pop-up display (12.3-inch display model) When the driving mode is changed, the selected driving mode will be temporarily displayed on the side display.


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