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Lexus ES: Vehicle Control History


Vehicle Control History


Part of the control history can be confirmed using the vehicle control history.

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 Parking Support Brake System (for Hv Model)

 Stop Light Relay Circuit (C1A4B)

DESCRIPTION When a stop light relay circuit malfunction signal sent from the electronically controlled brake system is detected by the clearance warning ECU assembly, DTC C1A4B is stored. DTC No.

 ENG / EHV Device (C1A40)

DESCRIPTION When a SFI system malfunction signal sent by the hybrid vehicle control ECU is detected by the clearance warning ECU assembly, DTC C1A40 is stored. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detect



DISPOSAL PROCEDURE 1. DISPOSE OF REAR SHOCK ABSORBER ASSEMBLY CAUTION: Always use a cloth to prevent shards of metal from flying about due to the release of pressurized gas. Always wear safety glasses. HINT: The gas is colorless, odorless and non-poisonous. (a) Extend the piston rod and

 System Diagram

SYSTEM DIAGRAM Communication Table Sender Receiver Signal Line Radio Receiver Assembly Multi-display Assembly Camera information signal GVIF Radio Receiver Assembly Rear Television Camera Assembly Setting information signal CAN Steering Sensor Rear Television Cam

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