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Lexus ES: If the hybrid system will not start

Reasons for the hybrid system not starting vary depending on the situation.

Check the following and perform the appropriate procedure:

The hybrid system will not start even though the correct starting procedure is being followed.

One of the following may be the cause of the problem:

The interior lights and headlights are dim, or the horn does not sound or sounds at a low volume.

One of the following may be the cause of the problem:

The interior lights and headlights do not turn on, or the horn does not sound.

One of the following may be the cause of the problem:

Contact your Lexus dealer if the problem cannot be repaired, or if repair procedures are unknown.

Starting the hybrid system in an emergency

When the hybrid system does not start, the following steps can be used as an interim measure to start the hybrid system if the power switch is functioning normally.

Do not use this starting procedure except in cases of emergency.

1. Press the parking brake switch to check that the parking brake is set.

Parking brake indicator will come on.

2. Shift the shift lever to P.

3. Turn the power switch to ACCESSORY mode.

4. Press and hold the power switch for about 15 seconds while depressing the brake pedal firmly.

Even if the hybrid system can be started using the above steps, the system may be malfunctioning. Have the vehicle inspected by your Lexus dealer.

If you lose your keys

New genuine mechanical keys can be made by your Lexus dealer using another mechanical key and the key number stamped on your key number plate. Keep the plate in a safe place such as your wallet, not in the vehicle.


■When an electronic key is lost If the electronic key remains lost, the risk of vehicle theft increases significantly.

Visit your Lexus dealer immediately with all remaining electronic keys that were provided with your vehicle.

If the fuel filler door cannot be opened

If the fuel filler door opener switch cannot be operated, contact your Lexus dealer to service the vehicle.

In case where refueling is urgently necessary, the following procedure can be used to open the fuel filler door.

Opening the fuel filler door

Remove the cover inside the trunk and pull the lever.

Lexus ES. Steps to take in an emergency

Using the lever to open the fuel filler door may not allow for an adequate reduction in fuel tank pressure before refueling. To prevent fuel from spilling out, turn the cap slowly when removing it. During refueling, fuel may spill out from the filler opening due to air being discharged from inside the fuel tank. Therefore, fill the fuel tank carefully and slowly.


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