Lexus ES manuals

Lexus ES: Telematics


 Telematics System (for Gasoline Model)

 Data List / Active Test

DATA LIST / ACTIVE TEST DATA LIST NOTICE: In the table below, the values listed under "Normal Condition" are reference values. Do not depend solely on these reference values when deciding whether a pa

 Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART Telematics System DTC No. Detection Item Link U014087 Lost Communication with Body Control Module Missing Message U015587 Lost Communication with


 Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor "C" Circuit Short to Ground (P274A11,P274A15)

DTC SUMMARY MALFUNCTION DESCRIPTION These DTCs are stored when the transmission fluid temperature sensor output is abnormal. The cause of this malfunction may be one of the following: Hybrid vehicle control ECU malfunction Hybrid vehicle control ECU internal malfunction Transmission fluid tem

 Open in One Side of Bus 1 Branch Line

DESCRIPTION When the CAN bus main lines are normal (no open, short to ground, short to +B or short between lines) and there is an ECU or sensor on the "Communication Bus Check" screen that is indicated as not communicating or whose connection status on the "Communication Bus Check" screen changes in

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